Birdlife of Southern Kruger National Park

Okay – this is not a travelogue. Heavens no. And, it’s short. Please keep reading. I recently travelled to Kruger National Park in South Africa – a truely extraordinary place. I’ll leave the pictures of leopards, elephants, giraffe, zebra, hyaena etc etc to others. These creatures, magnificent as they are, were expected. The profusion of birdlife was not. Some of them were familiar to Australian eyes, but many others were fabulously surprising.

Enjoy the pictures. Kruger is the kind of place where an underpowered camera with an underpowered operator can still make good. 

Crested Barbet
African Hoopoe
Saddle-billed stork. Photo bombed by Impala.
Black-shouldered kite.
Black-shouldered kite enjoying a meal.
Black-shouldered kite enjoying a meal.
Yellow-billed Hornbill, affectionately known as the Flying Banana.
Fish-Eagle having a look around.
Fish-Eagle making minor adjustment to position on its perch.
Southern Ground Hornbill
Lilac-brested Roller

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