The Opperman Project

The Opperman Project started a decade ago. It is dedicated to telling the story of the cyclist and politician, Sir Hubert Opperman. Better known as ‘Oppy’, he was an icon of cycling, not just in Australia but also in Europe and Great Britain during the 1920s and 1930s. His legacy has faded. I’m working to make sure it fades no further.

During the 1920s and 1930s, everyone knew about Oppy. Rarely out of the news, he was always racing or attempting some impossible feat of endurance. Synonymous with Malvern Star, Oppy held the cycling world’s attention every time he took to the road.

Humble and charismatic, he was also among the most ambitious athletes of his generation. He would stop at nothing in his quest to become the greatest and most versatile cyclist in the world.

I’ll be uploading content to this website over the coming months. The project is at an exciting phase, with my biography of Sir Hubert due out in mid-2018. Surprisingly, given his fame, this will be the first full-length biography to be published about him. Please follow me if you want to kept up to date with progress.

I hope to introduce as many people as possible to an extraordinary man who deserves a prominent place in the Australian story. And, who knows, it might just inspire a few more people to ride their bikes.


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  1. Hi Daniel,
    I really enjoyed your book.
    It was of particular interest to me as I am a second cousin 3 times removed. My G-G-Grandmother, Maria Louisa Wilhelmina Opperman (1856-1934) was a first cousin to Oppy’s Grandfather, Otto Friedrich Franz Opperman (1837-1893). Maria’s father was Georg Carl Christian Opperman (1827-1901) and his father (Oppy’s G-Grandfather) was Johann Christian Heinrich Oppermann (1798-1864). Maria Opperman married Ernest August Töpperwien (1852-1922) in Burra, South Australia, on 24 Oct 1876. Ernest’s father, Heinrich Philipp Töpperwien (1816-1888) and his wife Dorothea Juliana Christina nee Bremer (1827-1885) had also come from the Harz region (Herzberg am Harz, not far from Clausthal-Zellerfeld) in 1849, and worked at the Burra copper mine as a carpenter.
    Kind regards
    Bruce Topperwien


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